Monday, 16 May 2016

What is the Best stair lighting for you?

When you’re planning out the lighting design for your house, we always include our hallways and landings, but you can easily over look Stair Lighting. If you are interested in purchasing stair lighting keep on reading this blog as we will be going over the different types of lighting you can get for your stairs.
Discreet lighting
LED strip lighting can be fitted easily and also be dimmed to create the perfect stair lighting for you. However in some homes the stairway stairs can be slightly away from the wall, if this is the case light strips can be embedded into the staircase itself perfect for seeing in the dark and to make your home unique.
Stair Wall Lights
If you have a very narrow staircase you may prefer not to install lights in or around the stairs at all. If this is the case wall lights are the perfect option for you, as these lights can still illuminate the stair way so you can still see where you are going in the dark.
Spiral stair case
If you have a spiral staircase a beautiful pendant light cascading through the centre of your stairwell will add the ‘wow’ factor top any house hold.
You shouldn’t forget about stair lighting as it brings advantages and uniqueness to your home. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our products please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01773 541 003

Friday, 18 March 2016

The Benefits of Security Lighting

Everyone should feel safe in their own home and security concerns are always on our minds when it comes to our families. With all the security options available, confusion can arise and costs need to be considered too. The high costs of security products can be a bit of a strain. However, there is a cost effective way to save money on security with the use of outdoor lighting.
Be Alert
At your house you should be able to see  what is happening all around your home,  if intruders are approaching to you need to be aware.
At Night
Night time thieves can be put off by means of outdoor security lights, which is activated by movement within your grounds. By illuminating the dark spots and shadows all around the house means that there are fewer places for an intruder to hide.
Other uses
Not only are these lights used for security they are also useful in the winter when the days are shorted and darker, because the light only activates when there is movement detected, perfect for you to get into the garage, or to put your key into the door.
The Right Light
Selecting the correct kind of outdoor lighting system for protection can be a difficult task, since it is tricky to know whether the product you’re getting is the right light for the job. Come and have a look at our vast range of security lighting products here if you’re still unsure or need extra help in this area please call us on - 01773 541 003

Friday, 5 February 2016

Our Easy Connect Lighting

At the Garden Lighting Shop, we only supply our customers with the best lighting products from the very best lighting industries. Today we bring you easy connect lighting.

What is easy connect lighting?

The Easy Connect lighting system includes a huge range of connectable cables and accessories which also include wireless and non wireless switching devices. 

These products are safe, quick and simple to install and to operate by utilizing a quality range of double insulated light fittings.


The hint is in the name.

It’s easy to connect/install these lights, as installation can be made by using a standard 13amp socket, other applications can be used with this too such as extension cables, connectors and light fittings which can all be fitted without the need for any special tools.

Underground Lighting installation

Want to hide your cables? Even underground installation is simple with easy connect, as there are range equipment and accessories to fulfil this application.

Almost all Easy Connect lights fittings are supplied with replaceable energy saving bulbs or high performance LED lights. 

Here The Garden Lighting Shop we only supply the best lighting products from our garden lights & LED lights so click here to view the latest easy connect products, all of which are available to order just call us on 01773 541 003 if you require any more information.

Friday, 15 January 2016

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder and how can lighting help?

For those of you who are not sure what Seasonal Affective Disorder – otherwise known as S.A.D
This disorder is a type of depression that comes and goes with each season, the most apparent season where people get the most S.A.D is in the winter period.
There are many symptoms of S.A.D which can include:
    An ongoing low mood
    Feelings of despair and worthlessness
    Gaining weight
    No energy during the day but sleeping throughout the day
To this day doctors from all over the world still don’t fully understand how to catch this disorder, however with this being said that this disorder is linked from not having enough sunlight exposure especially during the autumn and winter months
If you feel like or are showing some of these symptoms of S.A.D the best option is to consider seeing your GP
S.A.D is most common between the ages of 18 and 30, although it can develop at any age.
With this being said, there are many ways to treat S.A.D even from home! We will be talking about the “light Method”
Light therapy is used to treat S.A.D. It involves sitting in front of or beneath a light. These lights produce a very bright light to help with seasonal affective disorder.
A light box mimics outdoor light. Researchers believe this type of light causes a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of S.A.D.
If you would like to see what other treatments are available please click here -

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Everyone at The Garden Lighting Shop!

We would like to wish all of our loyal customer a very happy and healthy Christmas and New year! From everyone at the Garden Lighting Shop.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Why do we put lights on Christmas trees?

December is here! It’s our favourite time of the year here at the Garden Lighting Shop! Snow on the ground, logs in the fire, and best of all – Christmas lights everywhere! Whether you’ve put yours up yet or not, the Christmas tree is probably the most quintessential aspects of the festive season.
Each year we all cut down a tree, (or grab it from the loft), and decorate it with lights, tinsel and decorations - but have you ever thought about how this tradition started?

Well people actually started lighting Christmas trees in the middle of the 17th century. Candles were attached to the end of tree branches with wax or pins and were adhered to the tree to represent shining stars. This tradition started in Germany and spread to Eastern Europe over the next two centuries. As you can imagine this was a serious fire hazard, so most people wouldn’t put their trees up until Christmas Eve, ensuring that they would only be up for a brief period of time while the tree was still fresh and less flammable.

The custom of putting strings of lights on trees began in 1882. Edward Johnson – an associate of Thomas Edison – wired red, white and blue bulbs together and placed them on an evergreen tree. In 1895, President Grover Cleveland followed suit and decorated a Christmas tree in the White House with stringed lights! The public took notice, and the tradition has been ever since.

Not surprisingly, it used to be extremely expensive to have a lit Christmas tree. Electricians would have sold bulbs for this purpose, but they would have needed to be wired together by a professional electrician, so only very affluent people would have had a lit tree.

These days’ festive holiday lights use LED (light-emitting diode) technology. These lights are far more efficient than incandescent lights and have a much longer life-span!

The Christmas tree: It’s long been a symbol of the holiday season. If you’re looking to decorate a tree outdoors this year, our beautiful festoons are a fantastic option. You really can enhance your festivities with our range, which are not only beautiful, but are safe to use and excellent value too! Take a look for yourself here

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Create a winter wonderland with our Festoon harnesses

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees and soon autumn’s abundance of colour will fade to the greys and whites of winter. The colder months are a great time for cosying up on the sofa with a nice cup of something warm – but are also when lighting becomes more important!

Some people can forget about their gardens in the winter and we think it’s such a shame! During these colder months, when we celebrate Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year, your garden can be a massive part of your celebrations!

We think you should celebrate the turning of the seasons by lighting up your garden with subtle or spectacular lighting options! We can help you light up your winter wonderland for the autumn and winter months, because we think is a time to let your garden really shine (literally)!

Christmas especially is an extraordinary and magical time of year, and being around friends and family is one of the joys of the season. You can truly enhance your festivities with our range of outdoor Christmas lights! Safe to use, excellent value and beautifully effective, our Festoon Collection is second to none.

Whether snow is on the ground yet or not, you can give your visitors a wintry welcome by adorning your windows and doors, fences and trees, decking and porches, with these beautiful lights that offer all the shimmer and sparkle the festive season deserves!

See our stunning range of Festoon lighting to transform your garden this winter here.